Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Class Clown: The Return

That's right, finally, I'm posting again. I know what your thinking "it hasn't been THAT long has it?" well... It seems like longer..... Anyway, This post here should sum up everything that I have done since my last post. First Things First. I went to my brothers house to spend Christmas new years and any other holidays in between then and march. It was a good Christmas, I wont bore you with explaining every gift I got so I will just name them off in the handy vertical list

Toiletry bag
2 shirts (one which I already had)
a bag of marshmallows
a marshmallow gun
and Final Fantasy XII

now do you see... Do you see why I haven.... No.... Why i COULDN'T post. I'm lost in the 40+ hour world of ivalice trying to save it from the evil Vayne and other shifty characters. Oh and if you are wondering, no, I haven't beaten it. Anyway, where was I. Christmas Dinner was also good but food is food so what can I say. We spent the next few days watching TV, watching Jesse fight Giant monsters, and launching nearly lethal marshmallows down peoples throats. I'll skip all the days of me playing video games (you can watch that on the documentary my brother is making of me on his new video camera... Really he's making it) and get straight to the interesting parts... humm, (pondering)... ahh, New years. I spent my new years eve in down town Austin with my brothers, sister-in-law, sister, nephew and niece (in case any of you REALLY want to know) which was pretty fun. We went to a parade where I swear the dancing confetti girls were trying to murder me with (much like the marshmallows) lethal balls of confetti to the face... If it was anything other then paper... I could of died. After that we walked around and saw some shows, heard some poetry, and walked halfway across down town Austin to see 6 florescent lights, you see, the event paper told us it was a spectacular tunnel of lights, BULL CRAP IT WAS SIX FLORESCENT LIGHTS IN A ROW. The poets weren't that bad though (I personally thought it was "a-hi-a-coo", but I guess we all still have things to learn). I can't remember any of the shows really except the "people dancing on the hotel wall" one. I especially remember wondering if it was 2 gay looking men in spandex, or women. I turns out, they may have been women... So... I'm still wondering.... Anyway, we went home and in the spirit of the new year, my brother made me and my sister what I think was a sour apple martini. I was pretty sure he made my sisters to strong when she turned at me with a big stupid smile on and said "woah... Its like... I'm looking here... And I turn this way... And everything gets dizzy until I look this way.... AHAHA" the weird thing was the glass was half full. Anyway, that about sums up everything I've done here unless you want to hear all about my adventures in the land of Playstation. So until next time everyone.

Thought of the day: much like certain fish, celling fans will lure you in with their bright light and kill you if your not careful.


Blog God said...

Sounds like fun. Mike and Kim are supposed to be up there for a few days, so you should have a few days to hang out with him.

Rump Roast said...

Wow Ben your rapidly losing popularity.