Friday, June 20, 2008

Sure don't wanna miss the month of June

I know I know, I haven't posted anything in FOREVER, and this time sadly I have no good excuse. Well actually, I think its a very good excuse, but you probably wont. Anyway, a lots happened in the past month, so I will get right down to it.

HAPPENING NUMBER ONE.(theres really no need for numbers since this is the only thing that is going to be numbered) I have recently entered a state of employment I had never archived before, and by that I mean, I now have a job (and actually get paid, cool huh?). its not bad, and I can now say (still in the spirit of the previous post) that I am an employ of......Where I make your favorite Cherry Limeaids and strawberry slushes... and blasts... and regular sodas... basically I make anything that is under the jurisdiction of "fountianeer" if thats even a word (so basically I make drinks...). All in all its not that bad of a job, you get free drinks and the works not that hard, except when it gets really busy, sometimes I feel like shooting myself in the foot so I can stop running back and forth (I don't feel like explaining why I have to run while making drinks so I think I wont). The first day on the job was by far the most embarrassing (although I think I am working back to that level of embarrassment, which I will get to later... or not... depends on how much time I have), it started out with me arriving 15 minutes late... yes... on my first day... so as you can imagine, I was in a rush when I went into the bathroom to change into my uniform. I quickly put it on and ran back to the front exclaiming in the most upbeat attitude I could fake "OK! I'm ready to start my training". I was slightly puzzled when my manager responded with "you know your shirts on backwards..." in fact his words didn't even register for a good 2 seconds. Once it finally hit me, and I looked around to see all my future co-workers chuckling either quietly to themselves or in a very obnoxious way, I decided that I needed to fix the problem, so not wasting any time I grabbed the top of my shirt and began to tug upwards all the while thinking "if I can fix it soon it wont be so bad". Now since the shirt was covering my face at the time I was unable to see my managers face when he said "PLEASE don't... don't do that here, go to the back, no one wants to see you take off you shirt here". I can imagine that he must of had a very "disgusted" or dare I say, even "disturbed" look on his face, but actually, not being able to see it worked quite well since, no one on "the outside" could see my face either, which I could bet was bright red, redder then it normally is, and its normally pretty red.
After all the embarrassment was over with I continued with the day, training for what I was told to train for, and calling it a day after all was said and done, or was told to call it a day at any rate. the next day I continued my training under a few people, one of which, who's name I remember clearly NOW, was Dilan (although at the time it was in one ear). He seemed pretty nice, and showed me how to do all the ice creams and such until it was time to go home. The next day I came back and was greeted with "maybe YOU will be our next manager" by one of the employees, to which, I replied with "ehh?" since well, I had no idea what this girl was talking about. At that moment another one of my co-workers came up to me and stated "Boy you missed all da drama" (you can tell shes black cant you... right...), "good" I said "I don't really like drama". Although my statement was true I was still curious about what drama she was talking about was, so I asked her... well... just what you'd think I would ask after reading the last line "what happened?", her response left me with an eyebrow raised, "Dilan just stole $1600 n' split dawg". At that moment what I was thinking wasn't "OH MY GOD' or, "Wow I was in a place that got robbed... SWEET" or even "haha u bi*ches got OWNED" no, what I was thinking at the time was "Dilan..... Dilan..... why does that sound familiar?...... OH YEAH, thats the guy that trained me :)"
(note*) I added the smile because from a bystanders point of view, they would of seen me standing there, with my eyebrows slanted down, thinking very hard, followed by me opening my eyes wide and smiling because I had just remembered something I had forgotten, which is always a good feeling (end note*)
The next day (or the day after, I can't really remember which) they fired my manager. Which kinda sucks, because now we have about 2-4 managers in there daily.... watching us. However its not all bad, one of them happens to be an extreme klutz, and is always falling down and/or spilling ice cream all over her pants... which... well... is funny.

Anyway, its almost 4AM here so I think I had better be off to bed now. I'll try to post more, but I'm not making any promises. Oh and by the way, for those of you wondering what my excuse for not posting was I will tell you now.
I simply don't feel like it, its not that I don't have time or any bull like some other people try to use as an excuse, its simply because, the time I DO when I'm not working (which is about 6 or 7 hours each day) or on my days off, I always want to spend doing other things I want to do, wither its, bike down to the rock gym, play some keyboard, read Japaneses comic books off line... read things.... theres always something I want to do more. So just bare with me and hope that I regain interest in your favorite blog on the whole World Wide Web.
Until next time... umm... yeah...

Advice of the Day: if you ever go to a sonic, oh say one located at 6208 Cameron Rd. Austin TX. 78723, please, don't be that obnoxious ass hole that orders 5 strawberry shakes and 4 Reese's blasts, and if you do, at least order a freakin' hamburger with it, when you don't we have to make that crap in TWO FREAKING MINUTES!

Thought of the Day: Wouldn't it suck if, instead of Achilles heal, it was Achilles scrotum. Because just imagine, if anyone were to ever find out, he would hordes of people trying to...well... hack his sack......... hacky sack............


Loxy said...

Ack you should delete the address before they fire you for blogging about work. :P

Sonic shakes are good (Carmel Shake is awesome)...but I'm always afraid someone has spit in mine.

Congrats on finally having some money!

Class Clown said...

I don't think they can fire me since no one there knows about my blog, or any of my internet aliases. And I don't intend on telling any of them about it.

Blog God said...

why on earth would the sonic care about their address being on his blog? It's free publicity. I'm sure if you search that address it'll be on mapquest, and several other websites.

Mindy Rose said...

wow finally you updated.. or maybe i just haven't been on your blog for a very long time, for the lack of posting on your part :).. but anyhoo, that sounds like fun, making drinks.. and icecream.. and FOOD.. considering I'm extremely starving right now.. ahem.. anyways... nice to see a new post on here.. ttyl..-Mindy

Qing-jao said...

Good words.