Monday, March 20, 2006

Everybody's working for the weekends.

Ok, I'll start where I should always start, at the beginning. Sunday: I sat inside all day long until about 8:00 when we got into the car to go to the weekly Houston basketball game. But being the good person I am I swapped myself out so someone else can play early in the game (although I fear that swapping out because a person named willy asked me to is more of being a push over then a good person). But still, it was fun, but there not really that much to tell about the basketball game really except there were a bunch of new people there. Monday: woke up at noon (same old same old), found out that we have a problem with our satellite dish, then at about 5 drove down to a place called the "main event" to spend a free day with my brother and some friends of his. Knowing my dad you can bet that we were there 20 minutes early, and, knowing most family people, you can bet, they were late, By the way incase you were wondering the people who attend the "shindig" or whatever you want to call it were my sister Amy, my brother Jesse, a person in Jesse's home named Kevin, A dude named Jason (who reminds me a lot of my brother Jason), a guy named Johno, and a girl who I had never met named Genine (forgive me if I spelled your name wrong but if you hang around Jesse you would know that I can't spell a thing). Anyway we first started playing pool (I beat Jesse in every game, I love the scratch on the 8 ball rule), then we went to play Laser Tag, 6 games I think, 4 of witch I have the scores for. Ok, Games 1, I tied in second out of 14 people with Johno with 11050 points. Game 2, I got 8th out of 26 people with 19900 points. Piece of paper number 3 (I have no idea what game it was), more to the point I got 10th out of 22 with 30370 points. Last game of the night, I got second place out of 32 with 32730 points, and then, I went home. Hey I didn’t say it was an Interesting story or a long one, but, heh, at least "I" had fun.

Thought of the day: for a guy kissing a toad only means only 2 things, homosexuality, or insanity.

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