Friday, April 20, 2007

Random Repetitive Ramblings

Welp.... its been about two weeks since my last post and I still have yet to think of anything worth posting... so, I'm just going to fill you in on recent happenings (with the classic Clown twist).

Ok, First off, my family’s been visiting, and for me, having in the area of 20 "close enough" siblings its really not that big a deal. Its been fun though, I got to see me sister and my niece before they flew off the Philippines, and I got to see my brother and brother-in-law spend all day playing video games... Yeah... Riveting. Also, recently, I had a dental revelation, spending 5 dollars on a "4ish" inch tube of tooth paste, that, along with triple A batteries and some brand new comfy black undies added up to a total of 20 dollars, AKA, MY FRICKEN' LIFE SAVINGS!
I've also been spending time in the local Wall-Mart playing their ever so addictive Guitar Hero game they have set up for junkies like me. But it all gets me to thinking, why can't they make a Piano hero? Piano is fun to play. The only reason no one wants to play it is because they are afraid of being called "Pianists". Well I have news for you, Pianism isn't as gay as Elton John and Liberace make it out to be, in fact the quickest way to a woman’s heart is through music.... or food.... or sex..... well.... there are plenty of ways to a woman’s heart, but the Piano is a sure thing. Anyway, I know there are going to be hundreds (and by hundreds I mean 6 or 7) comments saying how gay piano is and how I totally screwed up the ways to a woman’s heart, so I will stop there.

Along with the dental revelation I also realized a few things since I last posted. One thing is that I don't like when my parents read my blog around me, its just weird, so.... if you’re reading this, don’t read it near me.

I realized that the things I currently want to be most in life are a Graphic artist, Pianist, Break dancer and Ping Pongist.(don’t laugh, its not nice)

And I realized that Hanes really are the best.

Welp... that’s pretty much all that’s been going on here..... so....

Thought of the Day: The man at Best Buy seemed surprised when I asked for a Vampire Protector rather then a surge protector. I think he'll think a bit differently when he gets fed upon


Clare said...


The Way to a Woman's Heart = chocolate!

Blog God said...

I think clare's right about that one.

Class Clown said...

that goes under food, I believe.

Joan said...

naaaah!! Chocolate makes your breath stink.

Music is a way to a womans heart. Especially when its dedicated to you and played with gooood emotion. AHH YESS!!!!